About Us


We have collaborated as artists for many years and have combined our skills and backgrounds in fine art and graphic design to bring you a range of high quality limited edition prints. All of our editions are produced to the very highest standards using the best fine art printers in the business. We hope to share our passion for beautiful quality art and as collectors we understand the lasting pleasure art brings. Our first editions - The ‘Light Series’ are an ongoing exploration into how gemstones can be re-imagined into a series of two dimensional art forms. Our aim is to combine the complex, three dimensional physicality of gemstones with the simplicity, colour and texture of the two-dimensional printed form. Many of our editions feature our exclusive mix of diamond dust and glitter finishes. This gives each piece a unique sparkle as it reacts to it's surroundings. We have many new exciting editions in the pipeline so please sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about our new releases.